jueves, 13 de enero de 2011


I just wonder... 
Is there someone who has never played Tetris?
Have you ever ask yourself where this game came from, who invented it and some others features?
..well... here I will tell you few things about this great game.

Tetris (Russian: Те́трис) is a puzzle video game originally designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov.

He developed the popular game Tetris while working for the Computing Center of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, a Soviet government-founded R&D center. 

It was released on June 6, 1984.

Alexey Leonidovich Pajitnov is a computer-engineer from Russia now living in the United States.

He derived its name from the Greek numerical prefix tetra- (all of the game's pieces, known as Tetrominoes, contain four segments) and tennis, Pajitnov's favorite sport.

The seven one-sided tetrominoes in their Tetris Worlds colors:

Here are some of the presentations that this game have had.

As you know, designers are always using their imagination to create "original" things out of the ones that already exist, and Tetris has been not an exception.
The following pictures shows you some of the designs that have been inspired in this game.

This game will be always one of the most importants from 80´s and 90´s.
So, if you haven´t tried it yet, this is a great opportunity to do it! ... 

My way 2 design...

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